Diversity and Inclusion Commitment Statement

31 May 2016

The National Sporting Organisations and representative bodies listed below are committed to developing and implementing policies, programmes and practices that encourage greater diversity and inclusion across sport, be that in terms of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and disability and advance the eradication of discrimination from sport. This Commitment and subsequent policies and education programmes will be made available to all National Sporting Organisations in New Zealand to adopt if they choose.

The respective sporting organisations recognise that diversity and inclusion means that anyone should be encouraged and able to participate and enjoy sport without prejudice and in a welcoming and inclusive environment. 

Each organisation is committed to establishing and maintaining programmes that seek to increase diversity and inclusivity across their sport and will work collaboratively to share information, experiences and understanding of related areas of focus for the wider benefit.

By working on targeted priorities and strategies within their own sporting environments and by collaborating across all sports those involved will ensure meaningful activity is undertaken to improve inclusion, promote diversity and eliminate discrimination within the sporting culture in New Zealand.

The organisations commit to establishing a framework for diversity and inclusion within our individual organisations and establishing a programme of agreed areas of focus by 31 December 2016.

The sporting organisations involved are: New Zealand Rugby, New Zealand Football, New Zealand Cricket, New Zealand Rugby League, Netball New Zealand, Hockey New Zealand.

Sport New Zealand, High Performance Sport New Zealand and the New Zealand Olympic Committee have committed to supporting this work through their own integrity frameworks, which advocate for an inclusive sporting environment.

 In embarking on this project the organisations involved are cognisant of the important role of sport in New Zealand, and the potential for sport to promote and lead important social change across New Zealand society generally.

 In outlining this commitment, we are appreciative of the support received to date from various stakeholders and organisations who have freely shared their knowledge, expertise and experience.

We also recognise the proactive collaboration that has already taken place across our various sporting codes with a clear common commitment to enabling real social change throughout New Zealand.    

We are confident that the collective efforts of sporting organisations across New Zealand will deliver far reaching outcomes for generations of New Zealanders to come, ensuring sport is truly for all.


Hilary Poole signs the document, New Zealand Rugby, NZ Football, NZRL, Netball NZ, Hockey NZ, NZOC and Sport NZ together sign a commitment to diversity and inclusion across sports in New Zealand. #sportforeveryone Rydges Hotel, Auckland. 31 May 2016. Copyright Image: William Booth / www.photosport.nz